bij Annie op bezoek

I remember my friend Gijsje telling me about this nice old lady that sang all kinds of songs with a pretty voice and that i should come and meet her. Annie is born on august 16 and lived a great deal of her life in the outside world. Many of her stories and songs find their origin in this world. After getting old she stayed inside. I had never seen an interieur like hers, i tried to take pictures of it, but the overwhelming effect and beauty were impossible to capture. A sound recording was made.

The photo shows a black and white image of Annie’s table. A drawing of Nico Nimwegen in the center. at that time she was drawing mostly dogs. this dog was a send to Annie via post.

At the moment Annie has been tranfered to a nursing home.

The selection of tracks and their order was carefully picked by founder of music label ’South of North ’ Dominik Rodemann

I see that the physical record on bandcamp is sold out but Here you can find many
In this video we can see Gijsje Heemskerk, Kim David Bots and I playing interpretational jams of songs that can be heard on the record ’Bij Annie op bezoek’.
Here we have a recording of a performance Gijsje Heemskerk, Kim David Bots and I did due to the release of 4 Annie remixes. the recording contains improvised music, and karaoke covers of dutch songs I found on floppysdisks that came with this old midi arranger that was owned by some Mike. Im still looking for the video that came with this recording. Also, I want to upload the recordings of me practising the karaoke covers at home.