Lyckle en mij

A band with Gijsje Heemkerk formed in 2018? we met in the bus from Noordwijk to Leiden. She hopped on at the last of three busstops in Rijnsburg, she told me that she was going to a music festival and planned on sitting on her arse all weekend. We became friends.

Gijsje Heemskerk < click on her name to see her website. She doesnt like the website but it contains really nice drawings and other forms of artistic behavior.

This CD was a present for Gijsje Heemskerk her 28 birthday? the cover of the cd was made in the train to the birthdayparty and depicts two peolpe i found in the action store.
‘Dit is geen vaarwel maar wel tabee’ is not on the CD and did stir up some dust between gijsje and a friend of hers. We were asked NOT to perform the song ever again. Around that time i was in the studio with band ’the Homesick’ and the line ’’no yes no no’s and no goodbyes’’ ended up on the record ’the big exercise’
In 2019 we played our songs at a festival organized by KABK art students. For the promotion of this festival we send in a bandphoto that facebook could not show because of ‘community standards’ this photo we later printed on postcards. The two dancing girls on the side are suzie and bernice.