Os was compiled out of the same folder as Bij Annie op bezoek. this folder is named ‘uileboombox, representing a couple of productive months in 2020. It started with the idea of making music using only the Arp Odyssey, a duophonic analoog synthesizer. I had done this before with the Roland E30 and Yamaha qy serie’s but, those were multitimbral and were build to do this. Making a full song with the just the Arp Odyssey really made me appreciate all the different sounds one can make with it and i kept stacking takes until i had enough tracks to arrange a song. Some of those results can be heard on Bij Annie op bezoek, for example: Trappenhuis, Camar was een Duitse Herder, Ik kan niet zingen, TVOranje and In gleichem Schritt und Tritt (Echo and springreverb were used!) Combining the Arp with E30 proved to be a great fit and every once in a while a instrument was added. By the time Bij Annie op bezoek was on its way to the factory new songs had been made plus some ’old’ ones still sitting in the folder, Dominik Rodenmann of south of north took a second listening into ‘uileboombox, and picked the selection of Os.


the instruments used on Os are not mentioned on the sleeve but i will give more detailed info about that here on lyckle.nl

Os – drumsounds like the kick are the crash-pad filtering reverberated percussive roland e30 presets. the yamaha rx11 for hi hats, snares ’n rim. all going thru an old yamaha PA amp with spring reverb. casio ht700 for polyphonic parts and a layered bass guitar. the little repeated melodie is from yamaha qy20 sequence and the last sound heard are my nails on a wooden marimba going thru the odessey filter.

De zweepvader – some roland e30 flute preset thru the odessey filter. E30 drum sounds thru the odessey filter with a lfo and envelope creating the whipping sound, sometimes adding an oscillator with sample and hold. the polyphonic ‘trumpet’ sound is a e30 basoon preset going very loud into the odyssey and sometimes adding the oscillators. the percussion sounds in the outro are the akai rx10

tjilp lus – a looped dictaphone recording of birds and my own tjilp in the vondelpark in amsterdam. roland E30 start-up elec piano preset thru the odyssey filter and e30 whistle sound. Dictaphone recording of ambient drumming. I remember recording this track the day george floyd was murdered and looking into America’s violent titeltrack ’star spangled banner