Is het nu over

In 2017 i broke up with my girlfriend Bernice. To deal with this event I performed under the stagename Barry Slee, a combination of singer Barry Hay and writer Carry Slee. I sang along to backingtracks made on the yamaha qy20. The lyrics containing theme’s like christianity, flirtation, deathwish, cheating and break-up. Koen van Bommel recorded my vocals at pelikaan studio and after doing so the song ’is het nu over’ was send to friends, informing them about the break-up. One of those friends was Bert Scholten, over the years this song stayed close to his heart and in 2021 it was released on his label het Generiek.

Bert Scholten < the first time i met bert was due to a marktplaats advertisement. he sold me the yamaha qy70 for 50 euro’s in Groningen. it had a little defect in the LCD but everything worked fine.
I gave the qy70 to bernice as birthday present when we were still together in 2015.

later i will post the ‘is het nu over remix’ i made that includes a live performance, a drum solo, and snippits of recordings bernice and i made on a portable cassette recorder.

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